The site is about Homoeopathic treatment of cancer under Dr. S.S. Bhansali. There are few examples of patients comfortable with treatment along with their follow up investigation. e.g. CT Scan, MRI, Sonography and Haemotological Reports. 
   We are treating all types of cancer in its various grades. Patients undergone operation, Chemotherapy, Radiation with no evident relief are comfortable with our treatment.Also those patients, which directly approach without undergoing any sort 
of modern medical treatment. 
The nature of treatment consists of 
Primarily arresting or preventing the further growth of cancer sites by tuning the immunity or recovering the resistance capacity of the body.
The next target is to minimize the focal lesion in other words, the affected localised area. 
And last but not the least, to make the patient come out of the fear of cancer by medical councelling.

 Dr. Vaishali S. Bhansali
 Dr. Santosh S. Bhansali

            This is followed by a meticulous record keeping of patients associated investigations before and after taking homoeopathic treatment. 
            The investigations done on paper gives us clear idea about the progress of patient undergoing treatment. Follow up visits are intended to be after every 15 days, monthly according to the respective case. Telephonic conversations are attended according to the patient's need. Any queries doubts, and dietary advices are attended during the course. 
In critical cases, emphasis is made on to give peaceful breath to patient by minimizing the crucial pains of cancer and try to maintain the vital parameters of the patient.
             A general belief, that homoeopathic treatment is very slow in action and is not helpful in imergancy time is unvalid.
Dr. Bhansali has made it evident that where modern medicine has limitations - Homoeopathy has its scope and assured way to "Health"
             Here is the short Introduction of Dr. S.S. Bhansali in his way in Homoeopathy for 10 years. 
             He treats cancer with the help of pure Homoeopathic Medicines. 
             He started his professional career in the year 1993 treating all kinds of patients and shifting exclusively to cancer patients. 
Name : Dr. Santosh S. Bhansali Name : Dr. Mrs. Vaishali S. Bhansali
Qualification : D.H.M.S. ( C.C.H.) Qualification : D.H.M.S. ( C.C.H.)
Passed in  1993 Passed In : 1997
College :  Lokmanya Homoeopathic Medical College.
Chinchwad, Pune
Maharashtra, India.
College : National Homoeopathic Medical College, Nasik,
Maharashtra, India
Clinic Address : 719/20, Narayan Peth, Motiwale Apte Bldg., 1st Floor, Umbrya Ganpati Chowk, Opp. Shagun Sadi Centre, Laxmi Road, Pune 411030 Clinic Address : 719/20, Narayan Peth, Motiwale Apte Bldg., 1st Floor, Umbrya Ganpati Chowk, Opp. Shagun Sadi Centre, Laxmi Road, Pune 411030
Phone Numbers :  020-4483037/020-4025778 Phone Numbers : 020-4483037/020-4025778

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