Name Of the Patient : Mrs. Pratibha Pramod Pujari
Age: 46 Years Female
Date: 25-02-2000
Address : 11 AshwiniKunj, Pune 16  Maharashtra India
Diagnosis : Known case of Ca Salivary tumour.
Biopsy Report :
Clinically : Palate Tumour, to rule out malignancy.
Specimen : Tumour for HPE.
Gross : Specimen received a single globular pieces 3 cm in l, 1.5 cm W and 0.5 cm t, soft, E/A in A-F.
Microscopically : Sections (A-F) studied showing a compressed salivary gland tissue with a tumour cells showing cells arranged a solid sheets, cords, tubules and acini in few foci. The tumour shows cells with moderate cytoplasm to a bloated up appearance with clear cytoplasm. The cells show mild to moderate nuclear atypis. Focally pseudocysts - like foci and gland - like foci seen filled with eosinophilic secretions. The intervening stroma is fibro- hyalinized with focal fibromyxoid change. The tumour appears to have a pushing to infiltrative margin extending into surrounding salivary gland and oral mucosa. One focus shows few neoplastic ducts present perineurally. No cartilaginous fragments or squamous metaplasia seen.
Diagnosis: In view of above picture indicative of a locally invasive tumour, the possibility of an unusual presentation of an adenoid cystic carcinoma is suggested.

Note : As pleomorphic adenoma with malignant transformation, and polymorphous low grade adenocarcinoma are differential diagnoses in this case at this site, therefore an expert opinion from Tata Memorial Hospital would be valuable in this case.


Nature of Material received : 6 slides and 6 blocks of salivary gland (67/2000)
Gross observation : Nil.
Microscopical Examination : 
Low grade mucoepidermoid Carcinoma of palate.
Status of the Patient : A. Operated
B. No chemotherapy.
C. No Radiation
Treatment Given : Only on our Homeopathic medicine after operation.
Follow Up Investigation :
CT Scan of Paranasal Sinuses( 05/01/2001)
Clinically a case of hard palate malignancy - has been operated.
Previous scan report dates 5/1/2000 has been reviewed.
Plain and contrast CT scan of paranasal sinuses and oral cavity has been done in axial and coronal planes before and after intravenous contrast.
Present study reveals normal bony structure of hard palate with no lytic or sclerotic lesion.
No soft tissue density mass lesion.
Parapharyngeal fat planes are maintained.
Bony outlines of all sinuses are well maintained.
No mucosal thickening or mass is noted in sinuses.
Pharynx appears normal.
Nasal septum is deviated to right side and a left sided conchabullosa is noted.
Present study reveals normal bony structure of hard palate with no lytic or sclerotic lesion.
No soft tissue density mass lesion.
Parapharyngeal pat planes are maintained.
HAEMATOLOGY REPORT :                             


Haemoglobin  12.00 gm/dl 12.20 gm/ dl
R.B.C. Count   4.00 
mill/cu mm
mill/cu mm
W.B.C. Count 9800 / cu mm  8400 / cu mm

Differential Count
Neutrophils  60 % 51 % 
Lymphosites  38 % 42 %
Eosinophils  1 % 6%
Monocytes  1 % 1 %
Basophils  0 % 0 %
Peripheral Smear Examination Normocytic & Normochromic Platelets are adequate Normocytic & Normochromic Platelets are adequate

Blood Examination 
Test Name : Carcino Embryonic Antigen - CEA
Method : C.L.I.A.
Values : 1.60 ng/ml
Interpretation : 
Normal Range : Non Smoker : 0 - 3.4
                         Smoker        : 0 - 6.2.

Comment : As per as the CT scan , blood reports and clinically too, till today patient is completely under control (10/04/2003).
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